When Did ‘Hip Dips’ Become A Thing To Get Rid Of?

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Located outside the upper leg, hip dips are naturally occurring indents or depressed curves below the hip. Some people are more prone to having indentations than others. According to fitness experts and plastic surgeons, exercise and surgery are unnecessary to eliminate hip dips.

Spot reduction aims to burn fat or change the appearance of a specific area. According to experts, it is challenging to spot-treat any body part.

No Exercise Will Change Your Hip Dips

Bone shape, leg bone alignment, and fat storage and distribution all play a role in your health. Through moderate-heavy weight training, improve hip mobility and functional strength.


Focus On Getting Stronger And Healthier

Feel good about the things you do. Rather than aesthetics, Zabrina Motwani focuses on getting people comfortable with the gym, getting strong, and finding good movements for their bodies. Strength training improves bone density, boosts confidence, and boosts self-esteem.

Remember That Body Trends Are Cyclical

Women’s magazines and social media have long promoted unrealistic beauty standards, including hip dips. It will fade, too, like any other fad. Your feed should be filled with body-neutral content focusing on body kindness and acceptance.


Diversify Your Social Media Feeds

You should unfollow any content that makes you feel uncomfortable. Report any content that targets your insecurities. Make sure your feed is filled with body-neutral and body-kind content

Embrace Your Body As It Is

Don’t forget to take care of your body. It isn’t a good idea to worry about being ‘too’ one thing and ‘not enough’ another thing in life.