What To Never Say To Someone Going Through A Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally challenging experience filled with heartache, confusion, and uncertainty. During this difficult time, offering support and empathy to someone going through a divorce is crucial. However, well-intentioned individuals may unknowingly say hurtful things that exacerbate the pain. Here are some of the rudest things you can speak to someone going through a divorce:

I Saw It Coming

Implying that you anticipated the divorce can be deeply hurtful. Even if you suspected problems in their marriage, stating this outright can make the person feel betrayed and unsupported when they need compassion the most.

Image Credit: Pexels/cottonbro studio

It’s For The Best

While you may genuinely believe this statement, divorces are rarely simple or easy decisions. Each person has unique circumstances, and minimizing their pain by claiming it’s for the best can invalidate their feelings.

You’ll Find Someone Better

Suggesting that there’s a “better” partner out there can make the person feel inadequate or replaceable. Instead, offer assurance that they will find happiness and strength within themselves.

Have You Tried Working It Out?

Asking this question may come from a well-meaning place, but it can imply that the person is somehow responsible for their divorce or that they didn’t try hard enough to salvage the relationship.

Aren’t You Over It Yet?

Divorce recovery is a process that takes time. Implying that they should have moved on by now, dismisses the complexity of their emotions and the impact of the divorce on their life.

You Must Be A Failure At Relationships

This statement is rude and profoundly damaging to a person’s self-esteem. Divorce does not define their ability to maintain successful relationships in the future.