Things Not to Do After Working As A Restaurant Host

Those of you who have ever worked as a restaurant host or hostess know just how challenging and stressful the job can be.

Diners frequently have their first encounter with a restaurant host. During those initial exchanges, strange, impolite, and ludicrous conduct might occur. And too frequently, hostesses put up long hours for meager pay.

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To correct the record, restaurant hosts discuss their biggest “wants” after their experiences in the restaurant business, some of whom have uploaded stories on TikTok.

I Won’t Abuse If My Table Is Not Ready.

Restaurants prioritize customer comfort, and staff members use considerable expertise to make customers feel at home. However, some diners may go too far with this. Boundaries are suddenly ignored, and it’s perfectly acceptable to yell at a stranger because your table isn’t ready.

It’s amazing how many non-disabled adults can’t stand up for 10 minutes without resorting to verbal abuse, inappropriate physical contact, and regressing to a childlike state.

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Last-Minute Reservations- No Guarantee.

Don’t presume that the restaurant can make room for you at the last minute.

The necessary accommodations should be notified to the host in advance of your arrival, regardless of whether you plan to arrive with more guests than those listed in your reservation or ask for a particular seating arrangement, like a cabana or patio table. The table they have reserved for you likely is the only one open that night if the restaurant is busier than usual.

So don’t show up with seven or more people if you booked a table for five.