The Truth About The ‘Three-Date Rule’

“How long should I wait before I have sex with the person I am dating?” Singles searching for a magical sex timeline have long wrestled with this question. Here, the so-called “three-date rule” came into play – a guideline that states couples should go on three dates before sleeping together.

“Sex And The City” popularized this rule, but its origins are unclear. However, clinical sexologist Lawrence Siegel believes it emerged sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Women who are too eager to have sex on their first date will not be respected by men, according to the old trope.

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To avoid upholding the stereotype of the “good girl protecting her virtue,” it is vital for straight women not to appear too “easy.”

Can We Learn Anything from the Rule?

The rule suggests that when you don’t have sex with your date, you are more valuable as a potential partner. This number doesn’t consider your relationship, feelings, or how you define a date or sexual behavior.

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Is There A ‘Right’ Time To Have Sex?

It is not a matter of how long one should wait before having sex or how many dates one should have. Having both partners excited about sex is the most critical factor. It is common for some people to associate sex with emotional connection.

For others, they can exist independently. People’s feelings about sex don’t remain the same from one partner to the next. There is no right or wrong way to feel about sex.