The Best Kind Of Potatoes For Every Type Of Mashed Potatoes

There is no doubt that mashed potatoes are one of the most comforting side dishes known to man. Mashed potatoes complete the holiday season, though they’re great any time of the year. You can make mashed potatoes with any potato, but the type you choose will determine the taste. 

Knowing which potatoes to use helps prepare mashed potatoes. This guide will help you decide which potatoes are the most mashable, whether you’re looking for fluffy mashed potatoes or something rustic and dense. Here are some tips to help you make the best-mashed potatoes next time you need carb comfort.

Red Bliss

When boiled whole in salted water, they have a smoother texture and are easier to peel. A 5-pound bag of potatoes needs about 3/4 pound of butter and 1/2 quart of cream. Red bliss potatoes are ideal for boiling because they can be cooked in their skins. It makes for a better texture for rustic mashed potatoes.

Source: Epicurious

Yukon Gold And Russet Blend

It is best to use this recipe when you want mashed potatoes that are neither too thick nor too runny. Use a two-to-one ratio. Please ensure the potatoes are tender by boiling them in cold water: blend cooked potatoes, cubed butter, and a liquid in a stand mixer. You can use buttermilk to add cream and acidity. You can also use sour cream for tang. 

Source: Better homes and gardens

Yukon Gold 

A thick and creamy batch of mashed potatoes is about Yukon gold potatoes for Dionna Mash Garcia, a San Francisco chef. They’re just a little butterier, naturally. Adding butter enhances the flavor. Dionna bakes the potatoes instead of boiling them, preventing them from getting waterlogged. Roast them whole, unpeeled, and remove the skin after they cool. You can add sour cream with cream cheese when mashing the potatoes.