Did Ya Know?

Amazing Air Force One Facts That Only A Few Presidents Have Been Willing To Confess

Air Force One is a massive flying container of secrets.  There’s still so much we don’t know, but lucky for us, a few presidents have leaked facts about Air Force One that are pretty unbelievable.

Air Force One is so much more than a private jet for the POTUS.  It’s a top secret vault in the sky, and that vault has just been cracked.  Here are some things that nobody knew about Air Force One, until now…

Let’s take a look inside.

How Fast And How High?

Air Force One can fly over 700 miles per hour.  That’s really fast!  It can also fly higher than most commercial planes, at a height of 45,000 feet.  That’s 10,000 feet higher than the normal cruising altitude of any other passenger airliner.  Despite its crazy speed, Air Force One flies very smoothly.


Air Force One Never Has To Touch Ground

This is probably one of the coolest facts about Air Force One.  Air Force One can refuel in the sky.  It never has to touch ground.  If it wanted to, it could fly forever.  It can keep the president in the sky as long as it has to.  Another cool fact: Air Force One has a 3,000 gallon fuel tank.