These Tricks Will Help You Cope With Anxiety While Flying

Do you get a cold sweat just thinking about flying? It’s not just you. Aerophobia, or the dread of flying, is the second-most common fear in the US after public speaking, affecting more than 25 million people. If you fit this description, friends and relatives have undoubtedly reassured you that nothing will go wrong.

These techniques will help ensure a relaxing, anxiety-free flight if you or someone you love has problems with a fear of flying.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Andrey Sayfutdinov

Get Used To Airplane Noises.

Calamitous thoughts feed our anxiousness. Sometimes a little knowledge is all that’s needed to battle anxiety. Learn about the many noises and bumps that can happen during a flight. Understanding how stringent aviation safety regulations also help. “What if? When you have more information, the facts will be your only source of guidance.

Bring A Picture Of The Place You’re Going.

As well as serving as a strong stress reliever, visualizing your final destination and seeing yourself there can help you stay focused on the goal. You can do this with or without a photo, but having a real image to refer to, such as a downloaded photo from your phone or a postcard, can help you focus. The goal is to divert your attention from the minor issues that make you anxious about flying and place it on the advantages of your trip.

Distract Yourself

Airlines provide a few small comforts from home, such as televisions, music channels, and magazines during your journey. You can pass the time on a flight by reading a book or watching a season of your favorite television show while waiting for your destination. In short, distraction is effective.

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