There Are Several Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Lisbon

Lisbon, the beautiful Portuguese capital, offers a mix of stunning castles, charming streets, delightful cuisine, and a vibrant music and art scene. However, visitors often make mistakes during their stays, like any popular tourist destination. We asked locals, both ex-pats and natives, to share some common blunders made by tourists in the City of Seven Hills. From culinary mishaps to communication problems, here are a few tips to help you avoid these mistakes on your travels.

Image Credit: Maria Eklind, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Struggling With Spanish Communication

Avoid speaking Spanish to the locals in Portugal; they might find it offensive and dislike being mistaken for Spaniards. English is the preferred language for communication with tourists. Attempting to speak Portuguese, even poorly, is appreciated more than using Spanish.

Choosing Inappropriate Footwear

“Leave your high heels behind, ladies! Lisbon, the City of Seven Hills, demands comfy shoes as you’ll walk up and down a lot. Beware of the unique ‘calçada Portuguesa’ floor—a beautiful mosaic of stones that’s a challenge to walk on!”

Image Credit: Heather Cowper from Bristol, UK, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pastéis De Nata: Avoiding The Wrong


Avoid Hasty Assumptions! These delectable Portuguese treats are treasured as national patrimony. Head to renowned spots like Pastéis de Belém, Manteigaria, or Aloma in Lisbon for an unforgettable experience.”

Exploring Dining Options Away From

Touristy Spots

Many travelers wander around the main tourist areas in search of typical food, which can be a big mistake! Such places often serve mere tourist food, lacking the true essence of authentic Portuguese cuisine. To savor the natural flavors, one must venture to ‘tascas’—charming, small, and genuinely typical restaurants.