The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Candles

Forecasts indicate that the global candle market will reach $9.9 billion in 2028, up from $6.8 billion in 2021. It’s not hard to find bespoke candle offerings online or in home goods stores as small businesses continue to innovate.

Price Often Reflects Ingredient Quality

A candle’s wax type is also crucial when assessing a product – and can make a big difference in pricing. Manufacturers make cheaper candles to be cost-effective, so the ingredients are lower quality. Some candle companies use wax blends, so read labels carefully.

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Expensive Scents Tend To Last Longer

The fragrances of luxury candles are usually unique to the brand. “Throw” is another factor to consider, which describes how well a candle’s aroma travels before and after it is lit.

Production Processes Can Vary Greatly

Several factors determine a candle’s price. Machine production keeps costs low for big candle companies, while handcrafted candles cost more. Small batches of candles can be hand-poured by a brand’s staff to large factories producing bulk quantities of candles with heavy machinery. Unlike mass-produced, machine-poured candles, hand-poured candles allow for quality control that cannot be achieved with machine-poured candles.

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Burning Experience Is Different

It is ideal for candles to burn for long, even periods. A candle’s burn time is affected by the wax, the number and size of the wicks, and the overall design.

Looks And Branding Can Increase Costs

It may be less about candle value than brand recognition that luxury candle makers carry a certain cachet. Because Diptyque is recognized as a high-end brand, its products are expected to be more expensive.

Are Expensive Candles Worth It?

Yes, if quality ingredients are used. From slightly pricier to exorbitantly expensive, brand recognition may change the price. If only the brand name matters, designer candles might not be worth the money. Premium prices do not guarantee great experiences.