The Best Foods To Eat If You’re Hungry At Night

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Getting up at 3 a.m. when the world is still dark, your stomach grumbles, and your kitchen calls is strange. when your stomach is growling, the leftover steak from several hours earlier is just as good as chips and salsa.

Can you eat something that won’t ruin your chance to sleep? Most importantly, which options won’t leave you feeling terrible the next day? Here are the best midnight snacks and their effectiveness, as recommended by several registered dietitians.

Sliced Turkey Breast

You feel tired after Thanksgiving dinner for a reason. Whether rolled up or made into a half-sandwich, deli-style turkey breast is perfect for satisfying a midnight craving. Registered dietitian Marissa Meshulam said turkey is rich in L-tryptophan, which promotes sleep and relaxation.

Turkey protein should keep hunger at bay till morning, and tryptophan helps you sleep. Applegate Organics herb turkey breast with no preservatives or sugar is recommended by Meshulam.

Cheese And Crackers

Meshulam recommends snacks that contain protein and fiber to keep us satisfied. Cheddar cheese and crunchy, fiber-filled crackers make this a classic combo. Added benefit? Ensure your blood sugar stays stable with a cracker with a bit of fiber (or almond flour crackers). The tryptophan in cheese converts to melatonin, which can aid sleep, Meshulam said.


Vegetables And Hummus

Dietitian Amanda Frankeny, Food Dignity Movement’s program director, said: “People often forget vegetables are delicious. Get your daily dose of fiber at night. A midnight snack of baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers paired with your favorite hummus is refreshing and easy. A spoonful of hummus provides protein, fiber, and complete satisfaction.”


Tart Cherries And Pistachios

Snacking on tart cherries can improve sleep, according to numerous studies. Tart cherries are a good midnight snack because they naturally contain melatonin. Pistachios and tart cherries are a good pairing. Besides providing fat and protein, pistachios provide melatonin.