Read This Before You Drink Your Gingerbread Latte In The Morning

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The effects of gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas on the body vary depending on the time of day, according to nutritionists.

Mornings But After Breakfast.

Most of these drinks are sugary and caffeinated, so you should attempt to have them before midday, suggest professional dietitians. Numerous of these holiday beverages contain caffeine in addition to an excessive amount of sugar, which prevents sleep.

However, consuming them when you’re hungry is not a good idea.

Drink Your Latte Before Or After a Workout.

If a peppermint mocha isn’t considered pre-workout fuel, maybe it’s time to think again. Additionally, compelling evidence suggests that caffeine can support exercise performance.

And if the timing isn’t quite right, drinking a sweet coffee after working out is also acceptable. You can also drink holiday-themed coffee with a protein source after a workout to speed up muscle recovery.

Your Drink Should Be Lighter.

Attempt to minimize or completely avoid the likelihood of a sugar crash.

Alternatively, you can request half the sweetener, calorie-free sweetener, or cinnamon to enhance your beverage without the whipped cream.

Additionally, you can have a holiday-themed beverage with very little added sugar. Ask for beverages without sugar, or tell the barista how much flavor you want them to use.

Nutritionists may not be fans of the sugary, caffeinated drinks that are frequently eaten over the holiday season. Still, there are methods to manage your consumption, so it has a less negative impact on your energy levels and general health. So while you still can, order those eggnog lattes!