Never Be Afraid To Bring Up Dietary Restrictions. Experts Say How To Do It.

Our favorite holiday foods and beverages are often associated with our happy recollections of previous Thanksgiving, Christmases, Hanukkahs, New Year’s Eve, and other end-of-year events. But this time of year can be tough for people with food allergies, sensitivities, and other restrictions.

To lessen any discomfort associated with this subject and to make it simpler for party guests to verify that their dietary requirements are met.

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Having a hard time discussing your diet?

It might be simple to become self-conscious when discussing dietary limitations with party hosts. You may start to worry excessively that your preferences, allergies, or sensitivities are “inconvenient” or “high-maintenance.” Because of this, “it’s crucial to normalize the sentiments of discomfort that surface while discussing dietary needs or retractions.

So always talk to the host family about your food allergy in advance, or if you want to feel comfortable and not inconvenience your host, you can get your own allergy-free food.

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How To Tell The Host Your Restrictions?

Following conventional etiquette, parties should send RSVPs in the same manner as they were received. In essence, if your friend sent you an email inviting you to a party, you should utilize email to let them know if you’ll be coming (and whether you have any special notes or requests). It’s acceptable to mention dietary restrictions that aren’t medically necessary as part of your RSVP.