Junk Sleep’ Could Explain Why You’re Tired After A Full Night’s Rest

The alarm just went off. Ugh. Then, finally forcing yourself out of bed, you groan and press “snooze” again. Despite being able to sleep more, you slept enough hours. You may have even tried going to bed earlier but haven’t seen the results yet. What’s up?

You might not have slept as well as you thought. You’ve had “junk sleep,” aka not enough quality or length to nourish your brain. Even if you slept eight hours, it may not have been deep sleep, or you kept waking up. What causes “junk sleep,” and how can you manage it if you’ve never heard of it?

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Signs You’re Experiencing ‘Junk Sleep’

It’s common to feel tired when we wake up. We need a few minutes (and a few cups of coffee) to get going. When does inadequate sleep become a problem?

It’s Hard To Know If You Even Slept.

We’re talking about waking up and not knowing if you fell asleep. Insomnia specialist Kristen Casey says you might wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep. You wake up groggy, unrested, or irritable. Our body functions are not restored with this type of sleep, and it creates difficulties for us to function the next day.” Simply, it’s not just a matter of feeling comfortable in bed.

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You Don’t Prioritize Sleep And Sleep Hygiene

It’s vital for Casey to help people understand how their thoughts shape their feelings, behavior, and life experience, including sleep. You may not prioritize your sleep routine or care about waking up simultaneously every day if you believe sleep isn’t necessary. For example, revenge procrastination is delaying sleep to enjoy more leisure time.

Environmental factors and behavioral factors cause junk sleep. The fix is to ensure you have the right mattress, air conditioning, and lighting. Additionally, drink decaf, take a warm bath, and read during tv breaks.