Is It Ever Appropriate To Break Up With Someone Online?

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A breakup is much more about what you say and do than how you communicate. Do you think breaking up via text or Zoom is okay if you’ve only met in person twice? Three relationship experts explain when it’s appropriate to end a virtual relationship and how to do it with care.

When It’s Okay To Break Up Online

The last thing you should do is break up virtually. Breaking up with your significant other through whatever method is quickest for you if you cannot see them in person for an extended period can be the most considerate thing to do. Rather than hanging onto hope, help them move forward


What To Say

Let your significant other know you’re breaking up before you meet or talk. Explain why you chose that method and why you are breaking up. Those who lack finances may need your help finding a place to stay, paying half the ticket, or visiting them when you have the funds.

If You Make a Mistake

Apologize to your ex if you chose the wrong method to break up with them. Before you offer your apology, ask yourself: whom are you apologizing to, what is my intention, is this going to help them, will it hurt me, are we in contact, etc.


Open Yourself Up To Learn

Use the experience to learn from it. Be honest with each other about your feelings. Discuss the length of time between conversations. Identify a timeline for moving closer or seeing each other more. Prepare a post-breakup self-care plan.