If You Drink To Decompress During The Holidays, Try This Instead

Holiday cheer isn’t always the case between gift shopping, wrapping up end-of-year projects, seasonal affective disorder, and loneliness. Holiday movies typically depict family, friends, seasonal decor, and special recipes (at least from the stereotypical perspective). Drinking is a popular way to decompress in the U.S., and not just because paid time off makes it an excellent time to get together over drinks.

Even binge drinking during the holidays can be detrimental to one’s health, not to mention mental health struggles, liver problems, and sleep disturbances. It’s okay to reduce alcohol consumption this holiday season or give up booze for good. Here are some tips:

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Set The Tone For Yourself And Others

Identify your goals and make a plan. Imagine the next 24 hours. Make your plans accountable by having coffee with a family member or friend or working out in the morning. Share your expectations with others and set your own.

Try A Non-Alcoholic Option

There are many non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits available in 2022. Homemade booze-free cocktails can be mixed and stirred, or buy ready-made, pre-mixed ones.

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All Of You Can Enjoy A Booze-Free Gift

Bring a dish or dessert that everyone (including kids) will enjoy instead of wine. Bringing a game or a large puzzle would also be fun.

Take Part In Enjoyable Activities

In addition to connecting with his company, O’Brien’s best advice is to eat everything in sight. Prepare some topics if you haven’t seen a friend or family member.

Call A Friend Who Supports You

Nothing is more comforting and helpful than knowing you can count on someone. It is always possible to plan your holidays differently next year if you intend to repeat this. Let your soul be filled with love during the holidays.