Feel Good

Dopamine-Releasing Activities You Can Do Every Day

Your brain produces the feel-good chemical dopamine. In essence, it brings you joy. And your brain lets it out through specific actions and habits, many of which you already engage in on a daily basis.

Dopamine is a reward sensor.

However, evolution has made it such that unfit activities also cause the release of dopamine in people, according to both experts, even though this reward sensor was and still is crucial to human survival.

Your body releases this hormone regularly to carry out its daily tasks. Although this cannot treat any illness or condition, it might be useful to understand when dopamine is released and when you could experience a little mood lift.

Image Credit: Pexels/Nathan Cowley


Because of the reward sensor that dopamine activates, our prehistoric ancestors understood that food was essential for existence. This still holds today.

This category undoubtedly includes having access to food and being able to eat it.

Some studies claim that eating triggers dopamine release twice—once when the food is consumed and once more when it is in the stomach.

Drinking Water

Consider this: A glass of water feels like a reward when you’re thirsty, so it makes sense that doing so would cause your brain to release dopamine.

But not all water sips cause the release of dopamine. Instead, you must truly desire or require the water, such as following a strenuous workout or on a scorching day. And you appreciate its value that causes dopamine release.

Image Credit: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

being Praised or appreciated

When parents compliment children on their good behavior, dopamine is released in a very regular manner. Dopamine is released in children’s brains in response to praise, which is also true for dogs. The dopamine release in these circumstances reinforces their positive behaviors due to its feel-good properties.

When adults are complimented, the same holds. Sending a coworker a congratulatory email or a friend a happy birthday message is more beneficial than you might realize.