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The ‘Secret’ App That Kills Ads, Protects Your Privacy — And Will Likely Get Banned

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This little known $2 iPhone app has exploded in popularity, and is at risk of being banned from the App Store.  Install it before you go to bed.

Tired of getting “tracked” online?  You know the feeling —  talking about something or looking for something online, and now all of a sudden you see ads for it everywhere.  It’s creepy.  And invasive.

All of your data is now tracked, stored or accessed on your iPhone.  Last year,  hackers stole personal data every 39 seconds, with victims of fraud losing on average $10,000 each. This is set to skyrocket in 2024.

Ads have become sophisticated and invasive: popups, YouTube ads, video ads randomly playing audio all deploying tracking scripts to gather your data.  It’s a struggle to watch videos or browse online without having resource-hogging ads thrown at all corners of our screens.

If you haven’t seen the posts on TikTok or Facebook by now,  TotalAdblock has gone viral, and it’s a sneaky little app buried deep down in the App Store, which has quietly amassed over 300,000 reviews, and rocketed to’s #1 ranked iPhone security app.

TotalAdBlock is currently offering a $1.99 promo, and installs in seconds.   (And honestly after spending $1,500 on a new iPhone only to witness it get super slow after just a few months, it was a small price to pay).   Shortly after install, it went to work removing, pop-ups,  banners, YouTube ads and tracking beacons on social media with the click of a button.

TotalAdBlock will check your iPhone device to see if your personal information has been breached on the dark web, it will remove all website tracking cookies and make speed and storage optimizations.  It also flags and blocks all phishing and fraud attempts with its real-time database of threats.

In short, it deploys a virtual barricade around your iPhone that “Big Advertising” is lobbying against.  After all, if they can’t reach you, they lose big money.

There is no telling how long this app will remain live or how long their $1.99 promo deal will last.  The promo also comes with 3 additional licenses for you to load up on your desktop, laptop or other devices.

07/18/2024:  It looks like after being temporarily removed, you can now get TotalAdblock again at the $1.99 promo: