Check Out This Annoying Habit To Spot A ‘Textertunist’

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In today’s digital age, communication has become easier and faster. However, it has also created a new breed of communicators – the ‘Textertunists.’ These individuals exhibit a peculiar and often annoying habit of bombarding you with a barrage of text messages, often without regard for your time or convenience. Here’s how to spot this behavior and effectively address it.

Rapid-Fire Messaging

One of the telltale signs of a ‘Textertunist’ is their penchant for rapid-fire messaging. They send message after message, often before you’ve had a chance to respond. It can be overwhelming and make it feel like you’re in a constant conversation.

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Ignoring Time Zones

A ‘Textertunist’ may seem oblivious to time zones. They send messages at all hours, regardless of whether it’s early morning or late at night for you. This behavior can disrupt sleep, work, or personal time, leading to frustration and irritation.

Frequent And Unimportant Updates

These individuals send messages, often containing trivial information or updates about their day. While occasional updates are regular, a ‘Textertunist’ takes it to an extreme, inundating you with unnecessary details.

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Expecting Immediate Responses

A ‘Textertunist’ has an unreasonable expectation for you to reply immediately. They may become anxious or irritated if you don’t respond promptly, creating an unnecessary sense of urgency.

Lack Of Awareness

A ‘Textertunist’ notably lacks awareness of your boundaries. They don’t consider whether you’re busy, in a meeting, or need some personal time. This lack of consideration for your schedule can be frustrating and even disrespectful.