Boundaries Adult Children Should Consider Setting With Their Parents

It is up to you to set boundaries. It’s a way to honor yourself and respect what you need. You aren’t trying to control other people – in this case, your parents. Fear of harming their relationship with their parents is common among adult children who set boundaries. Having these conversations can be made easier with the help of adult therapists.

No Commentary About My Body

No matter your size, you don’t have to tolerate it. Even if they meant it as a compliment, you can acknowledge it upfront and still say it’s not something you want to discuss.

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Limits On Conversations About Money

Expenses or money decisions should not be justified to them by adults or heeded as advice. You might consider saying, “I understand you’re concerned about my future and want the best for me. I’m comfortable with the way I manage my money and the plans I have for the future.”

No Digs About Career Choices

Parents sometimes pressure their children to follow a career path they believe will be more lucrative, stable, and venerable than another. When faced with a situation like that, consider saying something like, “I understand your concern for my future and my path; however, this is my life, and I need to choose what works best for me.”

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No Unsolicited Advice In General

According to psychologist Ryan Howes, parents offer unsolicited advice to their children across various topics, including careers, relationships, parenting, money management, and spirituality. So you can try saying something like this to quell their curiosity: “It is great that you raised me to be a confident and responsible decision-maker. I won’t hold you responsible for my poor decisions. I’ll learn from them.”