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What Are Those Colored Dots On Packages?

Have you ever been grocery shopping and picked up a bag of potato chips and saw a row of colored dots on the back of the bag?  Now, have you ever wondered just what those dots mean or what they stand for?  In the effort to get the elephant out of the room—the dots have nothing to do with the barcode.

A TikTok user, by the name of Sonya Gonzalez Mier, says that she is employed in the marketing arena for food and has the answer to this most elusive question.

When asked what the colored dots on the back of package foods, such as potato chips, meant, Mier replied that she worked in food marketing, and as many consumers already know, these dots are present on many forms of packaging.

Image: Quora

Meir went on to say that no, they are not part of or some form of a barcode, and no, they are not a mysterious sign.  Meir revealed that the colored dots are referred to as “color control patches” in the food manufacturing industry and are used in the factories where the item’s packaging is printed.

Meir explained it better by saying:

“They are color control patches. We need them because the colors you see on the packaging are not the colors we’re printing.  To choose the colors that you see on the packaging, we actually layer colors, and the color patches are the colors we are layering on top of each other to achieve the colors you see.”

If the colors are not correct, the manufacturer will look at their color control patches, and if there is any deviation, then the manufacturing will know that the whole packaging will be off.

And there you have it—another day in the life of solving yet another mystery at the supermarket.