Tom Holland Wraps On Uncharted

As fans eagerly await the next outing of Tom Holland as Spider-Man, they can soon see him in another film.  As Nathan Drake, Holland will be heading up the cast in the live-action film version of the Uncharted game series.  The best part the recent news is that the film has finally wrapped, after delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sony Pictures took to Twitter the day before yesterday, announcing the film’s wrap.  The tweet featured an Uncharted clapboard, with the “Greatness from small beginnings.  That’s a wrap on @UnchartedMovie” tag line.

Image: FandomWire

Sony’s tweet on the film’s wraps with a recent statement made by Holland indicating he had already landed in Atlanta to begin principal filming on Spider-Man 3.  It would only follow the logic that Holland had finished his required scenes and that it would be a short time before everyone else finished up as well—if they haven’t already.

Even co-star Mark Wahlberg joined in the fun, taking to Twitter to offer fans a tease regarding his character, Sully.  Wahlberg tweeted a photo of a piece of his character’s wardrobe, with a tagline of “here we go, kid.  @unchartedmovie.”

Image: The Verge

Uncharted is not the first IP from PlayStation to make the jump to live-action, as recently The Last of Us is also making that jump, but to the TV screen with HBO.  It seems that the film’s directors and producers might have thought that to maintain the spectacle that is Uncharted, it would only play out as a theatrical film rather than a tv series.

Many have remarked on the fact that Holland appears significantly younger than the Nathan Drake in the game version, and as such, it is felt the film may be more of a prequel.  The plotline may, in fact, cover the earlier years of Nate and Sully’s careers as treasure hunters.