Slay your Dream Body: Get Bolder, Get Fitter

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on our sister site

 Confidence and a Resolution Reboot

If you’re in a rut at the gym and find yourself running on the treadmill every day, you have already given up on your dream body. Even worse, you may have stopped going to the gym all together because it was so boring! Get back on track with your New Year’s resolution, and slay your dream body, by boosting your confidence at the gym.

Go in with a Game Plan

Let me run you through a scenario: you walk into the gym, look around, get intimidated by the grunting hulks, and decide to use the elliptical your full hour at the gym. This painfully boring hour will make you never want to go back and will not get you closer to a toned summer body. The key to success is making a plan. Get bolder by creating a workout plan you are comfortable with that will also push you. Even easier, find a pre-made plan on the internet with step-by-step instructions.

Know the Equipment

The weight section of the gym is scary for beginners. Avoiding the unknown spares us embarrassment, but don’t hinder your gains! Get fitter by asking a trainer to show you how to use the equipment that intimidates you (it’s their job, after all!) Most gyms offer an introductory free meeting with a trainer or a cheap single session. Take advantage of the time by asking about the equipment you don’t know how to use. Have the trainer help you set progress goals and assess your current level of fitness.

Wear Cute Clothes

Are you wearing your ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt to sweat it out? Being confident is more than knowing what you’re doing: it’s about feeling good too. We’ve all heard you need to dress for success, and the gym is no different. Invest in a few tanks and leggings that make you feel great. Your body is always worth the investment of confidence. Don’t wait until you’ve achieved your goals to enjoy the skin you’re in!

You’re ready to get in the gym and get fitter by being bolder. It’s not too late to get your summer dream bikini body by using these easy techniques; start today!