Keeping Popped Corn From Going Stale

Ah, popcorn! Just the mere mention of the airy, crunchy snack conjures up memories of date night at the theater.  However, there is more to popcorn than just its taste—it is also chock full of nutrients and vitamins and serves as a powerful source of fiber as well.

Popcorn, if eaten in moderation, can work well for those working to lose weight.  It also depends on what type of popcorn you are eating, as well as how you are eating the popcorn.  As an example, the aforementioned theatre popcorn can contain a massive 400-1200 calories per serving.  YIKES!

If you are looking to keep your intake of calories low, the best method is to make the popcorn yourself.  In this manner, you will not only know what it contains, but you can control the ingredients as well.  Most every grocery store sells popcorn kernels that can easily be popped in your own home.

Image: Bakery and Snacks

To pop the corn, you will need to coat the bottom of a pot with olive oil.  You will then pour the desired amount of kernels into the pot.  Cover with a lid, and turn up the heat to medium.  You must keep the kernels moving around in the pot, so they do not stick and burn.

Once the kernels finish popping, you can now add your choice of toppings—garlic salt, parmesan, or butter.  If you found that you have popped too much, we have a trick to make it last longer before going stale.

You will need to put your popped corn in a baggie and place it in the freezer—yes, the freezer.  By placing the popcorn in the freezer, it will stay good for days, and in some cases, weeks.  When you have a hankering for popcorn, simply take it out and enjoy it.