Cracking The Perfect Egg

If you are like me, on more than one occasion, you have cracked an egg only to have the shell fragment into several pieces and land in the egg itself.  Then you have the headache of trying to fish the shells out, and in the process, break the egg yolks. Talk about getting your morning off on a sour note!

Well, what if we told you there is a way that you can crack your eggs perfectly most every time and not have to deal with eggshells or broken egg yolks?  Read on to find out how.

Egg-cellence In Egg Cracking

Let’s face it, we have all, at one time or another, watched a cooking show, where the chef handles an egg and cracks it perfectly, one-handed, into cake batter or a frying pan.  They make it look so easy, and second nature, that we all know it is not that way in the “real” world.  Or is it?

Image: Kiddos Cook

Those Egg Cracking Tricks

First of all, let’s establish that you, too, are able to crack an egg—one-handed successfully.  Whether you are a proponent of cracking the egg on a hard, flat surface or the edge of the counter, there are splintered eggshells and broken yolks more often than not.  Often you tap the egg too hard, and it shatters into a mess of shell and yolk.  The other times you don’t tap it quite hard enough, and it doesn’t crack at all, leaving you to tap it again with the probability of a mess ensuing.

That’s It—That’s The Ticket

Now is the time to learn how to crack an egg like a professional.  When you hear how it is done, you will be slapping your forehead in disbelief.  All you have to do is drop the egg straight down into the pan.  Easy peasy—no mess, no fuss.  Now, it is important to note that not all eggs are created equal.  For the best results from this technique, it is suggested that you use eggs from free-range chickens.  They tend to have nice, strong shells.