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Cleaning Your Window Screens

By routinely cleaning your window screens, whether they are constructed of aluminum or fiberglass, you will ensure that they will last longer, in addition to being able to see out of them more manageable.

The cleaning of your window screens doesn’t have to be a dreaded and daunting task.  If you make it a point to clean them routinely, you will be somewhat amazed at how clean and transparent they will remain from the beginning to the end of each season.  And the bonus is that the chances are good that you already have everything you need to clean them in your pantry.

Items Needed To Clean Screens

The items you will need to clean your screens are:

  • An all-purpose liquid cleaner
  • A water hose
  • A sponge or a microfiber cloth
  • Some towels
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Some water

Image: Sea of Glass Window Cleaning

Remove Screens

Your first step will need to be to remove the screens from your windows.  If you are removing all your window screens at once, make sure you label them in some manner to know which screen needs to go back on which window.

Vacuum Screens

Laying the screen on a towel, gently vacuum to aid in removing any possible dirt, dust, pollen, or spider webs.  Make sure to flip the screen over and do both sides.

Clean Screens

Mix ¼ c of your all-purpose liquid cleaner with ½ gallon of water in a sturdy bucket.  While holding the screen over the bucket, take a sudsy sponge or microfiber cloth and wash over the screen, from top to bottom, again making sure to do both sides.

Rinse Screens

Before the soapy water has the opportunity to dry, go over the screens thoroughly with your water hose, making sure to keep the pressure as low as possible and still be able to remove the suds.

Dry and Reinstall Screens

Use a dry towel to sop up any excess water, and then allow the screens to air dry.  Once dry, you may then reinstall the screens on your windows.