Black Widow Not To Air On Disney+ Until July 2021

The film Black Widow, one of the most highly anticipated Marvel entries to date, has had its fair share of issues due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Its premiere date has been moved back so often that fans are beginning to wonder if the film will, in face, ever see the light of day.

Now, it seems Marvel Studios has again officially announced that Black Widow would not only premiere in movie theaters on July 9th now but would also be offered to stream online on Disney+ at the same time.

Although Black Widow was one of the six founding members of the MCU’s Avengers, she had not been given a chance to have her own stand-alone film within the first three phases of the MCU.  Now, in its fourth phase, Marvel has finally decided to right that wrong for fans.

Image: Forbes

In 2019, at the San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Black Widow would have her day in the sun and that Scarlett Johansson would be returning to the titular role.

Since that announcement, the premiere date, initially set in 2020, has been pushed back time and time again.

It appeared that the studio had finally set on a date, and it was pretty much written in stone.  That is why fans find it somewhat puzzling as to why the premiere date yet again recently announced as being pushed back—in what we have all lost count of the number of times—to July 9th.

Other films have appeared on Disney+; however, they have been on a somewhat delayed timeline.  With Black Widow, Marvel has announced that the film will premiere on Disney+ the same day as the film opens in theaters.

With this announcement, fans can rejoice in the fact that they will be able to enjoy the film as part of the online streaming services Premium tier access.