Bill Gates Wants To Replace Meat With Synthetics By 2035

Much like the French’s very own Marie Antoinette decreeing “let them eat cake,” America’s Bill Gate declares, “let them eat synthetic beef.”

In a recent interview, the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, stated sanctimoniously that “all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.” Even with the statement putting to mind Antoinette, that is where the comparison stops, as she did not have any investments in French pastry companies, unlike Gates, who is in with those meat giants Beyond Meats and Impossible Meats.

In what he refers to as a personal effort to innovate the food space while avoiding an overall climate disaster, Gates tends to gloss over a few of the details just a skosh.

Image: Modern Farmer

What Gates sees as innovation is actually lab-grown, synthetic Frankenfoods, as many are terming them, that are not good for the human race and will not fix the food system on a global scale as he claims.

Gates has invested a large sum of money, to the tune of $75 million, into Impossible Foods, partnering with the synthetic beef company to help spread the newest development in “fake farming.”  A new lab-grown meat that is touted as the solution to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

In a recent Web Summit Conference, Pat Brown, Impossible Meats CEO and geneticist said:

“it’s game over for the meat industry—they just don’t know it yet.”

Image: New Hope Network

Bill Gates and Impossible foods’ primary mission and goal is to have animals replaced by synthetic, genetically engineered substitutes by no later than 2035.

In addition, Gates is also a firm believer that GMO’s—genetically modified organisms—as present in seeds and the use of chemical herbicides used in the “right doses” are crucial to the successful curbing of carbon emissions.

So the question remains—is the future of both farming and food really in need of Gates’s vision?