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Be Selective When Donating To Thrift Stores

With the coming of spring weather are the thoughts of spring cleaning.  If you are like me, over the winter months, a lot of clutter has built up that you just do not want to put up with any longer.  Those items you are tired of or no longer need are great to donate to your local thrift store.

However, before loading your car up, make sure you go through your donation boxes and thoroughly assess their contents.  Many are not aware, but not everything graciously donated to thrift stores can be used.

There are plenty of choices available as to where you can take your donated items, including but not limited to the Salvation Army Family Store, Habitat Re-Store, and Goodwill.

Where I live, in rural eastern Kentucky, we have a church-run thrift store that takes pretty much anything.  They are all about helping the community and have even been known to give free items to those who have been burned out of their homes.

Image: Today

In an interview with Today, a group of employees from Goodwill offered some tips on what are good items to donate to them.

Those included clothing, shoes, jewelry, and antiques, as long as the items are in good condition, are good choices.  On the other hand, those items such as chipped glassware, furniture that is either broken or stained, and anything with hazardous chemicals are a no-go.

Other suggestions to keep in mind before donating are:

  • If the item in question is one you would not give to a friend, do not donate it.
  • An item in high demand is that of men’s clothing.
  • Any items that are broken, stained, or in bad shape should go in the trash.
  • Contact your local thrift store to get an idea of what they are in the most need of.