Attracting Bluebirds To Your Backyard

Some of the most beloved visitors to backyards over the summer months are those of bluebirds.  With their vibrant colors, angelic voices, and gentle dispositions, who wouldn’t be willing to welcome them into their backyards?

Attracting bluebirds requires not only time but patience above all else.  However, once you have won them over and gained their trust, they will bring their unique brand of charm to your garden or your yard.  The trick is knowing how to attract them in the first place.

Open Up

Bluebirds love open areas where the grass is kept low as well as having low perches.  This type of setting will allow them the ease of hunting for insects.

Leave It Be

When it comes to the favored nesting environment for bluebirds, dead trees on the top of their list, do not disturb any dead trees, and as long as they are safe dead limbs, if at all possible.

Native Plants

Bluebirds prefer to add both berries and other fruits to their foraging diet during the cold winter months.  When possible, plant those trees and shrubs native to your area that will naturally attract the bluebirds.

Image: The Keene Sentinel

Add Water

A birdbath is a great addition but kept in mind that bluebirds prefer that it be running when it comes to water.  Install a fountain, or a small dripper, to your birdbath so that the bluebirds will find it more inviting.


During the spring and fall months, the primary source of the bluebird’s diet consists of those insects that they find on the ground.  Keep in mind that those chemicals used in lawn care can prove hazardous to bluebirds.

Beware Of Cats

An estimated one million songbirds are killed each year by cats.  Those bluebirds who have recently left the next are the most susceptible to cats.  In the interest of safety, remember to keep your cat indoors as much as possible.


Bluebirds love live mealworms, although feeding live can pose somewhat of a problem.