Are Cucumbers Safe For Dogs?

When I first got my pup, I made a salad one day and chopped up some cucumbers.  He came flying into the kitchen, sat at my feet, and gave me the stare down—he wanted some cucumbers!  I know that cucumbers have many added benefits for us humans, but are they as nutritious or even safe for our furry friends?

The simple answer is YES—dogs can eat cucumbers.  However, make sure that you do not feed your pup pickles made from cucumbers.  Cucumbers, being low in calories and high in water content, make them a most excellent treat for your pup.

As always, we do want to suggest that before introducing any new type of food to your furry friend, you should check with their veterinarian first.

The Goodness Of Cucumbers

It is estimated that as much as 96% of cucumbers are mainly water content, which makes them the perfect choice as a hydrating treat for your pup. In addition, if your pup is on a weight-loss regimen, and needs to shed a few extra pounds, cucumbers as a treat can help in this endeavor.

Image: The Sausage Dog World

Cucumbers are also chock full of Vitamin K, which aids in keeping your pup’s bones strong and healthy.  They also contain several other vital vitamins and minerals to help keep both liver and kidney functioning at peak performance.

Lastly, cucumbers contain phytochemicals and phytonutrients, which aid in the elimination of bad breath.  We are not suggesting the feeding of cucumbers to your pup to replace brushing their teeth, but they can help with the stinky breath side of the equation.

Feeding My Pup Cucumbers

When feeding your pup, cucumbers, like all things, should be done in moderation.  It is highly recommended to remove the skin of the cucumber, as it sometimes poses difficulty in digestion for your pup.  However, do not stress if they do eat some skin, as a little here and there won’t prove armful in any manner.