A Quiet Place 3 Already Has A Script

Having had its premiere pushed multiple times last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, A Quiet Place 2 finally hit theaters this weekend.  Even though the sequel is just now in theaters, the director of both movies, John Krasinski, has officially revealed that the movie script for the next film is already written.

A Quiet Place debuted in 2018, proving to be a somewhat massive box office hit, garnering approximately #340 million at theaters worldwide.  Paramount quickly realized that they had the makings of a brand new franchise, which lead the way for the film’s sequel.

With the sequel having been delayed multiple times through 2020, the film finally got its opening on the weekend of Memorial Day, 2021.  The projected box office numbers for just four days are $57 million, which is a more than massive achievement for the pandemic era in which we live.

Image: Indie Wire

The new film stars Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe—all having appeared in the first film—who are now making their way through the remainders of a post-apocalyptic world overrun with and infested by alien creatures who are blind but use their acute sense of hearing to hunt the remaining human survivors.

Even though the film had problems with its release, the team behind both films is not letting that slow them down on their development of the following entry into the franchise.

Krasinski has reportedly already confirmed that a script for A Quiet Place 3 (which it is currently being referred to as) has indeed been turned over. However, there is precious little information on who the film’s primary focus will be or if it will continue the previous two film’s storylines.

The only information forthcoming as of yet is that film is tentatively set with a 2022 release.  All that is left is for fans to wait and see quietly.