Yellowstone Season Three Is A Go

As the second season of the Paramount Network series, Yellowstone, has come and gone, viewers and fans of the show have one burning question—will there be a season 3?

It seems that the network won’t make the shows adoring fans wait any longer for the news, as they have officially announced that the show will indeed to returning for its junior season in 2020.

What does this mean?  It means we are in for even more quality time spent on the ranch run by the Dutton family.  Although we know the series will be returning, there are still many details that seem to at this time be up in the air.

Image: TV Insider

The first question is precisely when Yellowstone will be back?  Paramount chose to announce and confirm early on in the 2nd season that the series would be returning for a 10-episode 3rd season.  Since both of the previous seasons premiered in mid-June, logic would dictate that season three would as well.

Many fans feared that Yellowstone would go the route of Waco, and subsequently go the way of the limited series.  However, Yellowstone is listed as a drama series, which means if the ratings hold up, it could possibly be around for years—fingers crossed.

As for what will happen in the new season, we can only speculate that the family will have to come to terms and somehow deal with the events that transpired during the season finale.  We can also hope to expect some very tough questions from the season will be answered.  Other than that, the season is sure to be filled with the drama that only the Dutton family can provide.

Now, the biggest question of all—will Kevin Costner return?  It seems that all signs indicate that yet, he will be back for the third season.  However, it is hinted that he plans to spend more of his time behind the scenes.