Woman Whose Live-streaming Caused Sisters Death Has Run-In With Law Again

An arrest has been announced by law enforcement officials in California, of a 20-year-old woman who gained social media attention after having live-streamed the death of her sister.

Obdulia Sanchez, is once again in the cross-hairs, as law enforcement officers in Stockton stated they attempted on early Wednesday to stop a car she was driving.

Sanchez was released just a mere three weeks ago, on parole after being convicted of manslaughter in the drunk driving death of her sister.  Sanchez has been sentenced to six years in prison but has been released after having served only two years of a manslaughter sentence for her sister’s death.

The police report shows that the Stockton officers attempted to pull Sanchez over “for a vehicle code violation” when she took off, and the officers offered pursuit.

Image: The Sacramento Bee

When all the dust settled, the report alleges that Sanchez whizzed past two stop signs, as well as a red light.  She then reportedly ran off the road before heading for the I-5 entrance ramp.

Officer Joe Silva stated when speaking to local station KFSN-TV that:

“A male passenger exited her vehicle and ran up onto Interstate 5, and he made good his escape, but our officers were able to get to the vehicle and arrest Ms. Sanchez, who was the driver.”

Law enforcement also stated that the license plate attached to the vehicle was expired, as well as Sanchez’s driving license had been revoked.  According to the news station, a gun was also found to be present in the car.

As a result, Sanchez is reportedly facing both weapons and traffic charges.

In 2017 Sanchez, while driving drunk, live-streamed herself on Instagram.  As a result, she lost control and flipped her car.  The crash caused the death of her 14-year-old sister, Jacqueline, who was ejected from the vehicle and killed.  The video then reportedly showed Sanchez attempting unsuccessfully to revive her sister.