Woman Undergoes Multiple Procedures To Become A Dragon

With a name like Tiamat Legion Medusa, you can be assured that the person is no ordinary individual.  And that she isn’t—for Tiamat is transforming into a dragon.

Known to those few as “The Dragon Lady,” Tiamat is named after the Mesopotamian goddess.  If that isn’t exotic enough, Tiamat is currently undergoing two different transformations—one from male to female, and the other from human to reptilian—specifically a dragon.

In addition to these two major, life-altering changes, she has undergone an extreme number of medical procedures in an attempt to modify her body in her journey to take on the appearance of a dragon.

Image: Ripley’s

In a statement to AOL Lifestyle, Tiamat claims that:

“In the end, it’ll be more of a reptoid:  half human and half reptilian.”

In the end, though, the whole goal is that she looks more reptilian than human. She is choosing this route because her human life, as a banker of 15 years named Richard, wasn’t very nice to her.

The list of procedures she has undergone, to give her the reptilian look she is striving for are: she has had her ears removed; 32 of her teeth extracted; 10 implants of her eyebrows; her tongue split, also known as vipercated; the reshaping of her nose; the tattooing of her eyes to green; the implanting of horns, and a tattoo over her entire body that replicates scales.

Tiamat says that when she ventures out in public, she attempts to present herself in the most positive manner so that people will know she is okay and comfortable with who she is.  She feels that we are all the same under the skin, after all.

She says she is living her life, on her own terms.  She chooses to march to the beat of her own drum.  She is okay if you enjoy the show along with her, but at the same time, she asks that you don’t spoil it for her.