Woman Swallows Engagement Ring In Her Sleep

This story just goes to prove that dreams do come true—whether you want them to or not!  It can also be said to show you probably shouldn’t go to bed on an empty stomach, either.

A California woman reportedly had a dream that she swallowed her engagement ring.  Then she awoke to find out that it wasn’t a dream after all.  It had actually happened!  The ordeal ended with her having to have an emergency medical procedure in an effort to extract the tasty tidbit.

Image: KETV Omaha

On Tuesday night, Jenna Evans, a resident of San Diego, had reportedly been sleepwalking which ended with her swallowing her 2.4-carat diamond engagement ring.  Evans stated she was dreaming that she was riding a high-speed train, and the only option for preventing her ring from falling into the hands of nefarious individuals was for who to swallow it—so she did!

She recounted the incident in her dream, adding, “so I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water.” Evans posted to Facebook about the strange and unusual event, and her post has now gone viral.

She did mention that she started to come to, and realizing what she was doing, but assumed that segment was a dream as well—”because who actually swallows their engagement ring”—she thought.  So, she turned over and went back to sleep.

Image: iheartradio

Evans told a San Diego TV station that she was no stranger to weird dreams, and she has a lengthy history of not only sleepwalking but even having done laundry while sleeping.  However, up until this latest incident, she had never, to her knowledge, eaten anything in her sleep.

Not until Evans awoke the next morning, with her ring missing from her finger, did she figure out the supposed dream was all too real.