Woman Shoots Out KFC Window Over Fork And Napkin

Kentucky is known for being the birthplace of world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken.  And as such, the state residents take their KFC seriously—however, one customer took it to a whole new level.

The Shelbyville based Kentucky State Police are investigating reports of a customer allegedly shooting out the window of a KFC drive-thru on Monday.

Eyewitnesses to the alleged incident recount to WLKY, the local news outlet, that the shooting was sparked after what appeared to be a woman upset that she did not receive a fork and a napkin with her order.  As such, the police closed the store on Monday following the incident, pending further investigation.

A photo of the window, shattered from the gunshot, was posted to the social media site Facebook yesterday, by Steve Cook, a Shelbyville resident.  In the caption that accompanied the post, Cook stated:

“This happen at KFC early today some [woman]got [mad]over paper towels and a fork and shot a 9mm at workers in Shelbyville today.”

Image: Moose Gazette

With many of the readers of the post, which reportedly measure in the hundreds, came comments of both shock and skepticism at the fact that it was claimed a gun was actually involved.

Although dispatchers for Shelby County have officially confirmed that law enforcement was called to the KFC after having received a report of a possible shooting on Monday, they have not offered any further clarification.

Shelbyville Police Department Sgt Kelly Cable made a statement to Newsweek, offering:

“At approximately 11:50 am, officers were dispatched to KFC on a “shots-fired” call.  According to employees, a customer (adult African American female) in the drive-thru lane became agitated and verbally abusive.”

He went on the add that after having obtained her food and drink order, the drive-thru window was struck by a gunshot coming from inside the vehicle.  Reports further indicated that no one was reported as injured in the incident.