Woman Runs Motor Home Through Front of Vegas Casino

Casinos kick out patrons so often that they should have revolving doors on the place!  However, in the case of the Cannery Casino, located in North Las Vegas, they probably should have thought twice when kicking out this particular patron.

Eric Leavitt, a spokesman for the North Las Vegas Police, said that the female in question was ejected due to:

“Disorderly conduct.  They asked her to leave, but she didn’t want to leave.”

Image: KOLO

Jennifer Stitt, the 50-year-old patron that was ejected, was informed by the staff of the casino that refusing to leave the premises constituted trespassing.  Levitt said:

“She didn’t agree with the trespassing.”

The arrest report showed that this was when Stitt stormed out of the building, returning in her Winnebago motor home-which she proceeded to drive through the casino’s glass front doors.  According to law enforcement, in addition to the damage Stitt caused with the mobile home, she also ran over a custodian.

The custodian, 66 years old, was unable to get out of the path of the Winnebago as it barreled down on the front of the building.  The custodian told police officers he yelled in an attempt to let her know that she was going to hit him.

However, his yells fell on deaf ears as Stitt accelerated the vehicle and, as a result, ran the custodian over.  It was evident that she knew she was going to hit the individual and still accelerated the mobile home’s speed.

Image: GoDuBois

Once the mobile home had come to a stop, security personnel from the casino proceeded to surround the vehicle and remove Stitt from behind the wheel.  Although the custodian was reported to have suffered critical injuries, reports from medical officials are that they expect him to survive.

Stitt, on the other hand, was taken into custody, and word from police officials is that she will be facing charges for attempted murder.