Woman Inflicts Wounds On Self And Blames Trump

A recent report states that a 46-year-old woman in Palmetto Florida stabbed herself repeatedly in the stomach with her own kitchen knife.  When law enforcement arrived on the scene, it was reported that her reason for the self-inflicted wounds was all because of President Trump.

The Smoking Gun obtained the official police report, which shows that the woman claimed that she was “tired of living in Trump’s country.”  The individual’s name has reportedly been redacted from the police report, the reason for which is not currently known.

Image: Louder with Crowder

Upon arriving at the scene, the responding officers found the woman covered in blood.  After further investigation, and after asking the individual what was wrong, she lifted her shirt and showed the wounds on her stomach.

The law enforcement officers report showed that he did, in fact, see three stab wounds and that at the time of his arrival all three wounds were still bleeding.  The woman looked to the officer and stated: “I’m tired of living in Trump’s country; I’m tired of Trump being president.”

Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene, stabilized the individual, and transported her to Blake Medical Center, where she was reported to have been placed under a trauma alert.  Upon further inspection of the report the officers filed, the individual had told them that she had been “Baker Acted” before.

Image: FOX 26 Houston

The Baker Act was put into law in 1971 as part of the Florida Mental Health Act.  Under the Act, an individual can be involuntarily institutionalized and examined.  The examination can be legally requested by physicians, law enforcement, judge, or mental health professionals.

The responding law enforcement officer followed the EMS to the hospital.  He waited for the individual to be treated, and when she was stable, she told the officer that her daughter was aware of the incident and would be coming to her house that night.