Woman Glues Breast To Street In Protest To Climate Change

In what has reportedly been going on for over two weeks, climate change activists have been protesting all across London.  However, one of the activists decided to take her particular protest to the next level and actually glued her breasts to the pavement on Fleet Street in front of Goldman Sachs.

The individual in question, who was reportedly protesting with the group Extinction Rebellion, personally glued the top half of her breast to the road that ran past the global investment company known as Goldman Sachs.

Law enforcement was called to the scene, and when they arrived, they quickly surrounded the woman.  At one point, they were able to remove her from the ground.  In an effort to help protect the woman’s modesty, the officers erected screens around her as well.  After a while, officers led her away from the location.

In a report by the BBC, it would seem that those protestors associated with Extinction Rebellion have racked up nearly 1,100 arrests.  What is really noteworthy is that the woman who glued her breasts to the street is no the only one who has been gluing themselves to unusual places.

Image: Reuters UK

In fact, authorities have stated that they have escorted seven other individuals who upon gluing themselves to one another, then proceeded to glue themselves to a wall at the London Stock Exchange.

The protestors were said to be wearing signs that stated “climate emergency” and more.  One demonstrator noted that the reason they chose the London Stock Exchange was that inside the building, people were “making millions, even billions, of pounds out of trading ecological destruction.”

In a statement issued by Extinction Rebellion in response to the gluing incidences:

“We will leave the physical locations, but a space for truth-telling has been opened up in the world.  We know we have disrupted your lives.  We do not do this lightly.  We only do this because this is an emergency.”