Woman Finds Snake In Bed With Her At Hampton Inn

Who hasn’t heard the random story of and individual waking up and finding themselves with a strange bed partner?  Not that uncommon these days right?

Well, with this woman’s story, I think maybe she had pretty much outdone all those types of accounts before now.

A woman had a very rude awakening when she woke up in her hotel bed, with what appeared to be a live snake stretched across her arm.

The woman, Melinda Major, had spent the night in a second-floor room of the Memphis-Walnut Grove/Baptist Hospital East, of a Hampton Inn, in Tennessee.

Major stated in a Facebook post on Friday, as well as confirming to a local news outlet later, that she was awakened after feeling something on her arm.

Image: CNN

Accompanying the Facebook post was a photo she had taken of the green snake where it was coiled up on the top of the comforter of her hotel bed.

In her post, Major stated:

“I first thought, well it’s just my hubby trying to snuggle but then quickly hubby wasn’t with me!!”

She went on to add:

“I looked over real quick and seen this thing stretched out across my arm guys!!!!!! I freaking flipped out!”

After having thrown the green snake across the bed and bouncing off the headboard, Major said she proceeded to jump on top of the hotel room’s desk, and remained there until the hotel manager arrived.

The hotel spokesperson told a local news station that the hotel removed the snake immediately, and that pest control had been called to the scene.

Majors reiterated that there weren’t many things she was afraid of, but snakes were one of them—she couldn’t handle them. She said she couldn’t deal with snakes, and could definitely not even look at pictures of them. 

Majors feels she will not be sleeping for quite a while after her ordeal.