Woman Breaks Into Ohio Home And Washes Dishes—Does Her Good Deed For The Day

Okay, let me know if you have heard of this one before—I can almost lay good money you haven’t.

An incident report filed by the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office alleged that a woman in Ohio not only broke into a home on Monday but before leaving she managed to perform a good deed for those who lived within the residence.

The report stated that at approximately 9 am on Monday, Cheyenne Ewing had allegedly broken into and entered the residence in question through the back door.  Once inside the house, Ewing proceeded to make herself at home.  She lounged on the couch for a while, petting on the family dog as well.  She then got up and—wait for it—did the dirty dishes.

Image: 100.3 Jack FM – Radio

After she was done with the dishes, Ewing was reported to have simply exited and left the home.  The owner of the house, and victim, once Ewing had left called to report the burglary.  The individual stated that they did not know Ewing, adding that she was acting and behaving very strangely.

The law enforcement authorities issued a search for Ewing, but the search didn’t take very long at all.  Law enforcement found Ewing when they received a call about a person that matched the description they had of Ewing.  It would seem that Ewing was reportedly in the act of knocking on the doors of several residences in the neighborhood at that very time.

Authorities issued a statement that it appeared that Ewing was under the influence of drugs when she was finally and officially apprehended.  When initially interviewed, Ewing gave law enforcement a fake name and stated the had been up without sleep for two days straight.

Ewing was arrested and booked on the charge of burglary and subsequently remanded to the South Eastern Ohio Regional Jail.  Her bond hearing was to be held Tuesday.