Why You Should Rethink Refilling Those Plastic Water Bottles

Most of us will agree that nothing is better for rehydrating after a good workout or a long walk than a cold bottle of water.  As a result, many will choose to refill their plastic water bottle if not for economic reasons but simply because it is the eco-friendly thing to do.

And why shouldn’t they?  I mean, there is nothing wrong with refilling a plastic bottle with water…am I right?  Actually, I am wrong…oh so wrong.

According to experts, it seems that refilling your plastic water bottle can do more harm to your body than good.  You are probably asking yourself how that could possibly be.

Image: GOpure Pod

The reason is simply because of Bisphenol A—or BPA as it is more commonly known—a chemical currently being used in the manufacturing of plastic water bottles.

For the same reason, we have learned that we should not be reusing plastic straws, is the same reason that refilling plastic water bottle can prove harmful.

The BPA chemical has the ability to leach into the water and as a result, will afford dangerous bacteria to set up house and grow in the bottles cracks.  To say the health consequences can become severe is an understatement.


Kent Atherton, CEO of PuriBloc Technology, says:

“Sadly, many people buying plastic water bottles do so because they believe they are making a healthy choice when the opposite is more likely to be true.”

Atherton went on to point out that BPA free products are no longer believed to be safe, as manufacturers are substituting not as widely known estrogenic chemicals, which has shown to post the same innate danger to human health possibly.

When you couple the chemicals in the bottles themselves, with the breeding ground that they pose for bacteria, and you can obviously see that you might want to rethink refilling that used plastic water bottle next time.