White House Personnel Under Investigation for Inappropriate Behavior in Asia

Three military personnel are under investigation for allegations that they had inappropriate contact with foreign women during Trump’s visit to Asia. Since those allegations were made, they have been reassigned to different posts pending further action.

These service members worked for the White House Communications Agency. This is unit that helps provide the president, vice president, Secret Service and other officials with secure communications. They ensure that there are no security breaches during high profile conversations and that the president and/or vice president are reachable. This time around the agency members were visiting Asia as a part of the 12-day swing through various Asian countries.

The Pentagon is looking into the claims that they broke curfew during the trip to Vietnam and the improper contact with women. If they are found guilty, they risk losing security clearance or even be subject to administrative discipline or courts-martial.

This incident marks the second time that members of this team have been accused of inappropriate behavior while traveling with the president and vice president in recent months. In August, four military personnel were accused of taking foreign women into a secured area after hours during a trip to Panama with the Vice President. They were removed from there White House positions pending the findings of the investigation.

All of this is more sensitive after the 2012 scandal where Secret Service members had brought prostitutes into their rooms during a trip to Colombia to prepare for Obama’s arrival. Since then, regulations have been put in place for behavior on these trips for security and legal reasons.