Warnings Of Heart Disease Linked To Dog Food

News from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is that there may very well be a link between potentially fatal heart disease, in dogs, and some of the top brands of dog food.

An investigation was started by the FDA, involving 560 dogs who were previously diagnosed with a disease of the heart muscle, known as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), that is known to lead to congestive heart failure eventually.

According to data presented by the FDA, of the original 560 dogs studied, 199 have since been reported as having died.

The FDA first issued the alert as to the suspected link between DCM and specific dog foods in July of 2018.  Since that time, the FDA has been working to connect the dots as to which specific food brands are most frequently appearing to be involved.

Image: Food and Drug Administration

As of this writing, no known recall has been placed into effect, as the FDA has not entirely determined how the foods are, in fact, linked to the causing of DCM.

In a notice, posted to its website, the FDA stated:

“It’s important to note that the FDA doesn’t yet know how certain diets may be associated with DCM in some dogs.”

Image: The Spruce Pets

The statement went on to reiterate that the FDA is first, and foremost, a health agency for the public, and as such takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to the protection of both human and animal health.

The FDA feels, in the case of the reports of DCM, that they have an undeniable obligation of transparency with those individuals in the public that own pets.

To this end, they feel the need to report any data involving the frequency with which specific dog brands have shown up to have involvement in the study or have been reported.