US In The Throws Of The Longest Flu Season In A Decade—Drags On To Be The Longest In Recent History

Just three short months ago, experts were predicting that the then flu season was going to be both short and mild.  The out of nowhere comes another second, more virulent wave, and the season has since been the longest recorded in the last decade.

The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) collected a massive number of reports spanning over the last 21 weeks and released their findings on Friday.  They stated that the currently active flu season is one of the longest on record since the government started the task of tracking the flu season durations over twenty years ago.

Many experts, in an attempt to try to explain the reason for the ongoing season, have suggested that the unusual duration may indeed be due to two different flu seasons, that have compressed themselves into a back-to-back fashion.

Image: Science

Dr. Arnold Monto, a researcher at the University of Michigan, stated that in the fifty years had has been studying respiratory illnesses, he doesn’t remember a season quite like this one.  The previous record-holding flu season occurred in 2014-2015, lasting a full 20 weeks.

Reports of the current flu start coming in around the week of the Thanksgiving holiday.  When just beginning, the flu strain is one that doesn’t see a lot of hospitalizations and is quite easily controlled by vaccines.

Then, by mid-February, the flu strain will up its game, becoming significantly nastier and as a result, causes a massive increase in hospitalizations.  It is worth noting that the CDC has stated that the current flu vaccine is currently no match for the nasty, harsher bug that we are currently seeing.

But there is hope on the horizon, as experts report that signs present that suggest the flu season should very well be over soon.