Tried And True Remedies For Sunburn Relief

What many sun worshippers don’t know is that when they suffer from a summer sunburn relief is as close as their own pantry or medicine cabinet.  So that you will not have to suffer any longer than necessary, we are offering these tried and true remedies.

Oat-Milk Bath

Oatmeal has been known for centuries as a wonderfully natural source for calming irritated, inflamed skin.  Add in the fact that milk is known to calm the heat sensation experienced from sunburn and you have the perfect soaking combination.  With the addition of lukewarm water and oat-milk, you will have the ingredients necessary to reduce pain and inflammation.

Image: Waxing Kara

The Iced-Tea Method

Okay, so we are not literally meaning iced tea the drink when we suggest this particular method.  What we mean is to first use a cold compress for your sunburn, much as you would for a sprained ankle.  By applying ice, some of the heat from your sunburn will be reduced, as well as reducing the inflammation caused by the constricting of your blood vessels by the sunburn itself.  As for the tea portion, you simply brew 2-3 bags of black tea and let it cool.  Then you will just dip a rag in the tea and tap it gently on your sunburn.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Although Aloe Vera is the more well-known remedy for sunburns, there is one even better remedy—apple cider vinegar.  ACV helps to maintain the skin’s pH levels, which in turn can aid in the reduction of both peeling and blisters.  Add in that ACV is also naturally antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal, and you can see that it will work wonders also to prevent any infections of the skin.

So the next time you find yourself with a dreaded sunburn, you can take comfort in the fact you will have to look no further than your own medicine cabinet or pantry for welcomed relief.