Tori Spelling In The News Again As Financial Woes Continue

It would seem that former 90210 star Tori Spelling, along with her actor husband Dean McDermott are once again in the media spotlight due to their ongoing struggles with financial debt.

The couple was reported served earlier in February, as indicated in a set of legal documents obtained from US Weekly, about a case they are involved in against City National Bank.  The reports showed that City National wanted to have access to and be permitted to examine the actual state of the couple’s finances after they allegedly declined to follow through with the paying back of over $205,000 of debt owed.

Image: Radar Online

The documents also showed that Spelling, 45, and McDermott, 52, were both summoned to appear in court in regards to City Nationals request for examination of their finances.  The bank will use the documents requested to determine how they may best get their money back.

The summons also informed the couple that failure to appear in court as instructed could be seen as blatant contempt of court, and they could very well be arrested.

The summons comes at a time when Spellings career, languishing to the point of almost non-existent, seems to be making an upswing.  She recently appeared on the massively popular tv series “The Masked Singer,” having been revealed to have been the performer behind the mask of the Unicorn.

Image: Collider

Also on the professional front is the announcement Wednesday by Fox that the network had indeed ordered a six-episode reunion series for Beverly Hills, 90210, being planned to air summer 2019.

The series will feature the original 90’s series stars Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, and of course Tori Spelling.  In the reunion series, the actors will play what is being called “heightened” versions of their previous selves.