2017’s Trending Halloween Costumes For Women

The heat waves are closing, fresh cool air moving through open windows is a sign that Fall is near. Pumpkin spice coffee (and everything!) signals the change in seasons. The love of Halloween is in the air, decorations adorn neighborhood lawns and houses. The question begins to surface: “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Movie culture heavily influences the most popular Halloween costumes of the year. Halloween gives a person the chance to become their ideal, fantasy, or most feared character. 2017 had more than a few highly publicized movies. If you are on the fence about your 2017 Halloween costume, here are the top 5 you will see showing up at your house for treats and parties.

The Top Female Halloween Costumes 2017



DC Comics Wonder Woman costumes are going to be huge with the craze over the popular movie Wonder Woman, released June 2017. The strong female character will appeal to women of all ages and the costume is ideal to be fierce and risky “wink wink”.





Ellen from Stranger Things, the hit Netflix series that was watched by 8.2 million people in its first 16 days, is a natural choice for nostalgic thriller and horror fans. The costume requires a blonde wig, short sleeved pink dress with ruffled top and white collar.




Belle from the live-action reboot Beauty and the Beast is also a popular choice. There are two choices: Belle Village/Peasant requires a dress, apron, and clip-on bow.  Or you could opt for the iconic yellow satin Belle ball gown.





The Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale is a great choice for women looking to make a statement. The costume requires a red cloak, a white bonnet, a tan mesh bag and black ankle boots, as well as a thirst for social change!



Look out for the girls who put the extra effort in with a DIY version. Post Pictures of your costume in the comments!