Thieves Pull Off Apple Heist In Michigan

Between late Sunday night and early Wednesday morning, Spicer Orchards, a farm in Linden, Michigan, fell victim to theft.  An estimated 22,000 apples, which measures out to approximately 7,000 pounds of fruit, were stolen.  To say the farming family was left in disbelief is an understatement.

The apples, which took a whole year to grow, was reportedly stripped from five acres worth of trees.  The loss was estimated to be at a hefty $14,400 in all.  The Harvest Manager of Spicer Orchard, Matthew Spicer, spoke to ABC 12 about the incident.

“Basically, I was pretty upset about it, because it takes a whole year to grow apples and losing something like that, that was our up and coming varieties.”

Spicer went on to say that one of their newest varieties, Evercrisp, was one that they were excited about and were looking forward to sharing with the public.  The farm had planned on harvesting the now stolen fruit over the next week or so.

Image: ClickonDetroit

The supplemental orchard owned by Spicer Farms, located at US 23 and Clyde Road in Hartland, reportedly was not ready for harvest.  The orchard was checked on Sunday, October 6, to see if harvesting could begin.  The owners of the orchard make it a point to check the fruit every four days, so on Wednesday, October 9, they rechecked the apples.

It was on Wednesday that they discovered that there were no apples there even to check.  The missing fruit was found by the farm’s found, Alan Spicer’s grandson, Ryan Spicer.

“There was nothing there,” the younger Spicer stated.

Matthew speculated that the stolen fruit was harvested during the night and that it would have taken at least three to four trucks to pull it off.  It was also apparent that whoever pulled off the stealing of the apples would have been someone who wouldn’t care about distinguishing the apples from one another because they had taken the ripe as well as the unripened crop.