The Results Are In For The Best Tasting Hot Dog Brand

Nothing says summer like a good ol cookout with family and friends.  Stories are shared, memories are relived, and one thing becomes all too apparent—who is a burger lover and who is a hot dog lover.

Let me just say here, I am a long time, loyal burger lover.  That is not to say I don’t eat hot dogs, but if I had my choice, it would be burgers all the way.  Many believe that hot dogs are the all American meal—I mean they even said so much in the patriotic-themed lyrics “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”

In an effort to determine which hot dog was best, an absolute must, at your next cookout, Taste of Home conducted its own blind taste test of various store bought brands.  Here are the winners, along with a few honorable mentions.

Image: Walmart

Great Value Uncured Beef Franks — Honorable Mention

Although the panel of test tasters stated that this brand was saltier than most of the other choices, they labeled it as a “standard” hot dog and would be happy to serve it at their next cookout get-together.  If you are hosting a somewhat larger event, then these hot dogs are much more budget-friendly, as they are as much as $1 less than the usual competitor brands.

Image: Hebrew National

Hebrew Nation Beef Franks — Runner-up

According to the taste testers, this hot dog had the best flavor of the choices hands down.  For a good reason, as Hebrew National seasons its franks with garlic powder and paprika.  Add in the fact that the franks were also considered firm and substantial by the testers, and you can see why they ranked so high on the list.

Image: Instacart

Nathan’s Famous Skinless Beef Franks — Tops The List

When looking for the perfect hot dog for your 4th of July hot dog eating competition, look no further than Nathan’s.  The test tasting panel unanimously agreed that Nathan’s had all the qualities desired combined into one perfect hot dog.  Presenting as seasoned, without being too salty, Nathan’s gives that perfect snap with each and every bite.